Get a Professional Finish with Powder Coating

Powder coating is almost everywhere you look. You’d be quite surprised by how many products you come in contact with daily that are actually powder coated. Even the chair you’re sitting on most likely has powder coated components to it. So, what exactly is powder coating? Powder coating is a finishi [...]

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Explore Polyvinyl Chloride Casting

There’s a lot you can do with polyvinyl chloride. Because of its flexible quality, PVC has applicability in creating both rigid and soft parts. Additionally, it can be cast, making it a useful material for customization. With the right mold and appropriate techniques, Midwest Rubber Company can crea [...]

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Urethane Foam Molding – How and Why

Today, we’re excited to tell you about another process we use in our goal to create a wide variety of top-quality, highly customized rubber parts for our clients. Have you ever looked at a mattress topper, couch cushion, or headrest on a chair and wondered how it was made? Chances are that the answe [...]

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Possibilities with Thermoset Rubber Molding

This blog will spotlight another one of our processes; this time, we will be looking at thermoset rubber molding. To see all our blogs, visit our news archive and stay up-to-date on what’s happening at Midwest Rubber Company. Thermoset rubber molding is a process that takes a monomer and transforms [...]

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Slush Molding: An Innovative Technique

We’re back with another detailed look at one of the methods we use at Midwest Rubber Company. We’ve previously covered dip molding and rotational molding, and this time, we’ll be discussing slush molding. Slush molding is a technique that’s ideal for producing hollow objects. It’s used for many cons [...]

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Quality Assurance at Midwest Rubber Co.

It’s Midwest Rubber Company’s mission to create customized, unique solutions that can fix any design problem a client brings to us. But innovation is only part of what makes a product successful. We also make sure that everything we deliver is durable and reliable – that’s just one of the reasons we [...]

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All About Dip Molding and its Benefits

The wide variety of techniques we offer our customers is one of the reasons why Midwest Rubber Company has built such a diverse and productive business. Our methods emphasize customization because that’s what allows us to meet the needs of every client. So far, we’ve given you a look at rotational m [...]

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Rotational Molding and How We Use It

Midwest Rubber Co. has had the opportunity to work in many different industries because of our reputation for quality and flexibility. We start with meeting the needs of our clients, and we don’t consider our job done until we’ve exceeded their expectations. To achieve that, we rely on processes tha [...]

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Midwest Rubber Company Receives IATF Certification

Manufacturing for the automotive industry is quite complex. There can be absolutely no compromise in quality, safety, production, and risk management as people entrust their lives every time they get behind the wheel of a vehicle. Even the best suppliers in the automotive industry understand that th [...]

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How to Find the Best Manufacturer for Your Medical Product Lines

How to Find the Best Manufacturer for Your Medical Product Lines When choosing the right manufacturer for your product, the stakes are often high. This can be especially true for parts and components produced for the medical industry. You'll likely have plenty of questions. Which process is right fo [...]

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