Powder coating is almost everywhere you look. You’d be quite surprised by how many products you come in contact with daily that are actually powder coated. Even the chair you’re sitting on most likely has powder coated components to it. So, what exactly is powder coating?
Powder coating is a finishing process applied to metal parts that provides a protective layer so it can last longer compared to uncoated parts. There are a couple ways to apply powder coatings, either with a fluidized bed dip or an electrostatic spray gun. Each have their own advantages, and the team at Midwest Rubber can help you decide which powder coating application process is going to be the best fit for you.

Fluidized Bed Dip Powder Coating

One of the ways to utilize powder coating is with a fluidized bed dip. This powder coating process is done by aerating a tank of powder so it’s more free-flowing and gives when something is inserted into it. Next, the part is heated up to a temperature higher than the melting point of the powder in the tank. The item is then slowly dipped into the tank, where the powder around it starts to melt and create a smooth coat that becomes the protective outer layer. The air that runs through the tank ensures the part is completely coated before the part is lifted out to cool and set.

Electrostatic Spray Gun Powder Coating

The electrostatic spray gun powder coating technique is similar to the fluidized bed dip coating above, but has a few key differences. For spray gun powder coating, instead of the part being dipped into a tank of powder, it’s put on a production line. Once again, the metal part is heated first, and as the part moves down the line, it comes by the sprayer that layers powder on the item. As the sprayed powder hits the component, it melts almost instantly, creating a smooth and even coating over the part. The product then moves down the line, cooling and setting the finish.

Powder Coating Benefits

There are many benefits to powder coating over other finishing processes. By powder coating a part you increase its durability, allowing it to last longer than its non-coated counter parts. The powder coating also provides a weather resistant barrier, which is ideal for the Midwestern climate. Not only does powder coating protect parts, it also provides a clean, glossy finish, giving your product an extra professional finish that is sure to please end users. Powder coating is also more environmentally friendly compared to wet paint applications due to the powder being almost 100% usable. Any powder that doesn’t stick to the heated part can be reclaimed and used. Finally, powder coating can reduce noise vibration harshness, keeping parts more desirable for practical use.

Which Powder Coating Application is right for me?

The right application of powder coating really comes down to what your specific needs are. Typically, smaller parts are coated in the fluidized bed and larger parts are better suited for the spray technique due to the restriction of the size of the tank. The expert team at Midwest Rubber can help you decide which process is going to best fit your needs.

Midwest Rubber’s Powder Coating Specialty

One of the challenges of powder coating is getting large parts properly coated given the constraints of typical machines. At Midwest Rubber, we’re highly skilled at powder coating both small and large parts. We have extensive experience in the agriculture industry, meaning we know how to come up with unique solutions for large, uniquely shaped parts that need to withstand daily outdoor use. If you have a part that could benefit from a durable, attractive finish, contact us today to get started!