When a project calls for an object to be soft, flexible, and comfortable to hold, polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is often the material we turn to at Midwest Rubber Company. We start out with a powder compound, which is mixed with fluid ingredients to form a thick, viscous liquid. It is heated and then poured into the custom mold that has been created for the task along with any dyes or other requested cosmetic additions. The mold is placed into an oven so that the PVC reaches the specified temperature, and finally, it is allowed to cool before being removed. The result is a rubbery elastomer that is smooth and tactile, ready to have further designs applied to it or simply be used as is.

PVC is a popular choice among our clients and their customers, and we like working with it, too. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Strength. Despite being relatively lightweight, PVC is quite tough and resists wear and tear caused by scratches and environmental decay.
  • Cost-effectiveness. Considering its durability and wide applications, the cost of PVC is surprisingly low in manufacturing costs.
  • Versatility. PVC is used in many industries, from professional needs in the medical and automotive fields to the production of consumer goods.

These are a few examples of the many different items that can be made from PVC:

  • Outdoor pavilions
  • Building components
  • Automotive trims and moldings
  • Medical tubing
  • Protective cases for smartphones and tablets
  • Wire insulation

If you need a custom part in your latest project, Midwest Rubber is here to make it happen. We can tell you more about PVC and help you decide exactly where you want to go with your undertaking. Say hello, and we can get started today.