A customer came to us because the manufacturer of his post-op spinal surgery back cushion had gone out of business, and he needed more cushions. To add to the challenge, the customer wasn’t able to provide us with any specific manufacturing history for the product.


Midwest Rubber engineers analyzed the sample and discovered various rubber compounds. With our strong knowledge of polymers and related processes, we were able to create new back support pads and cushions using our dip molding process. In fact, the product we delivered exceeded our customer’s expectations in both function and appearance.



We keep the safety of our clients and their patients at the top of our mind. Exposed parts on medical equipment are touched by hundreds of hands every day. Unless the piece is cleaned after each contact, contaminants are able to multiply and create a safety hazard. We’ve solved this problem with the ability to mix our PVC products with an antimicrobial additive and hermetically seal them, making them resistant to bacteria. The antimicrobial handles and grips we produce are highly sought-after not only in the medical field, but across all industries.