A heavy truck OEM was experiencing quality inconsistencies with their steering column shrouds. They asked Midwest Rubber if we could uncover the source of the problem and develop a product that would suit their needs with accurate consistency.


We analyzed the materials and manufacturing process, of the existing steering column shrouds, and were able to identify the source of the inconsistencies, and presented a permanent solution to the problem. We found that a flaw in the original fold design was the culprit – the accordion-style folds must remain neatly uniform when adjusted. We proposed a minor change in the molds, which presented a permanent solution to the problem.



We can promise that our products perform better and longer than our competition. How? We test each and every design in-house, making sure it can withstand daily wear and tear for years to come. We will also assist in the design process when needed, providing guidance so you receive the best solution possible. Quantifying and testing our solutions ensures that our customers are guaranteed the best results.