Midwest Rubber Company has some great news to share! We recently signed agreements to acquire Xccent Medical and Industrial, in a move that will enable us to increase our presence in the medical industry. As part of the agreement, Xccent Medical and Industrial’s operations will transfer to our headquarters in Sanilac Country.
This acquisition is positive for all parties involved. In addition to further establishing Midwest Rubber as a leader in the rubber and flexible products industry, it is allowing Xccent to focus on their core business of playground and fitness equipment. The move also brings ten new jobs to Michigan, which is always good news for The Mitten!
John Mathiesen, president of Xccent, Inc., generously said, “This is great news for our customers, as Midwest Rubber offers additional process capabilities outside of vinyl and latex dip molding such as rotational molding and urethane foam molding, and unique engineering and problem-solving expertise. We have carefully selected the best suitor, Midwest Rubber, to carry on the legacy and reputation we have built over 40 years. ”Midwest Rubber is extremely proud to be carrying on Xccent Medical and Industrial’s legacy.
Are you trying to solve a manufacturing problem in the medical industry? Please get in touch, and let’s discuss your project and how we can work together.